Friday, June 24, 2011

SCE -- Johann-Kaspar-Zeuss-Prizes 2011

The Societas Celtologica Europaea has recently announced the recipients of the Johann-Kaspar-Zeuss-Prizes for 2011.  The prize for the best dissertation in Celtic Studies this year goes to Dr. Nicholas Zair of Oxford University for his work on 'The Reflexes of the Proto-Indo-European Laryngeals in Celtic', and the prize for the best M.A. thesis goes to Harald Flohr of Universität Bonn for his work on 'Harry Potter auf walisisch und irisch - eine komparative und sprachstatistische Untersuchung'.  Congratulations to both winners.

Friday, June 17, 2011

CSANA Yearbook 10 is now Available

Proceedings of the Celtic Studies Association of North America Annual Meeting 2008 (CSANA Yearbook 10) has just been published by Colgate University Press.  The volume is edited by Morgan Davies and includes eleven of the papers originally presented at the 2008 conference:
  • Timothy P. Bridgman, “Names and Naming Conventions Concerning Peoples Identified as Celtic in the Works of Posidonius of Apamea”
  • Dylan Foster Evans, “On the Lips of Strangers: The Welsh Language, the Middle Ages, and Ethnic Diversity”
  • Katherine R. Frazier, “More Than a Name: Place-Name Literature within Táin Bó Cúailnge
  • Charles Gerard Larkin, “Celts in the Holy Land”
  • Patricia Malone, “‘There Has Been Treachery from the Beginning’: The Historia Gruffudd ap Cynan as Narrative Hybrid”
  • Catherine McKenna, “The Prince, the Poet, and the Scribe: Reflections on the Elegiac Tradition in Medieval Wales”
  • Daniel F. Melia, “The Rhetoric of Patrick’s Letter to the Soldiers of Coroticus”
  • Lahney Preston-Matto, “Derbforgaill before the Anglo-Norman Invasion: Sovereignty Goddess or Political Hostage in Twelfth-Century Ireland?”
  • William Sayers, “Celtic Kingship Motifs Associated with Bishop Aidan of Lindisfarne in Bede’s Historia Ecclesiastica
  • Sarah K. Sieracki, “A Common Celtic and Norse Genesis: The Mythological Evidence”
  • Edgar M. Slotkin, “Frank O’Connor’s Irish Story”
CSANA Yearbook 10 is available directly from Colgate University Press for $27.50 plus shipping.

CSANA Yearbook 8-9 is now Available

Narrative in Celtic Tradition: Essays in Honor of Edgar M. Slotkin (CSANA Yearbook 8-9) has just been published by Colgate University Press and can be had for the reasonable price of $35.00.  The volume is edited by Joseph F. Eska and includes a wide variety of articles, nineteen in all, in honor of Professor Slotkin, one of the co-founders of CSANA:
  • Dorothy Ann Bray, “The Vita Prima of St. Brigit: A Preliminary Analysis of Its Composition”
  • Timothy Corrigan Correll, “Priests and Pisheogues: Fairy Healers, Religious Condemnation, and Narrative Approbation in Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Ireland”
  • Joanne Findon, “Fabula, Story, and Text: The Case of Compert Conchobuir
  • Hugh Fogarty, “Aislinge Óenguso: A Remscél Reconsidered”
  • Patrick K. Ford, “Later Prose Prefaces to Medieval Welsh Poetry”
  • Helen Fulton, “Magic Naturalism in the Táin bó Cúailnge
  • Elissa R. Henken, “‘Then Was Spoken the Proverb…’: The Proverb Legend in Medieval Celtic Literature”
  • Kaarina Hollo, “Allegoresis and Literary Creativity in Eighth-Century Ireland: The Case of Echtrae Chonnlai"
  • Jerry Hunter, “From Death Token to O. Henry Ending: Traditional Narrative and the Early Fiction of Kate Roberts”
  • Charles MacQuarrie, “Recognizing Gods in Guises: Identity, Performance, and Performative reading in O’Donnell’s Kern
  • Catherine McKenna, “Angels and Demons in the Pages of Lebor na hUidre”
  • Daniel Frederick Melia, “Naked Men, Naked Humor, Naked Narrative?”
  • Joseph Falaky Nagy, “The Wisdom of the Couch Potato”
  • Tomás Ó Cathasaigh, “Aspects of Memory and Identity in Early Ireland”
  • Brynley F. Roberts, “Ystoriaeu Brenhinedd Ynys Brydeyn: A Fourteenth-Century Welsh Brut”
  • Patrick Sims-Williams, “Tochmarc Becfhola: A ‘Peculiar Confused Tale’?”
  • Maria Tymoczko, “Rewritings, Self-Reflexivity, and the Narrative of Celtic Studies”
  • Andrew Welsh, “Myths, Folktales, and Meaning”
  • Dan M. Wiley, “The Politics of Myth in Airne Fíngein

Irish Book Club -- Selection for June is an 'online book club [that] aims to encourage people in Ireland and abroad to read Irish language books'. Registration for groups and individuals is free and can be completed on the Clubleabhar website. The selection for the month of June is Alan Desmond's Seal sa Pholainn, a work of non-fiction that presents the author's reflections on the time he spent teaching Irish in Poland.  Once again, Clubleabhar has posted a comprehensive glossary of the book on their website.  Seal sa Pholainn will be the last book for the summer.  The book club will resume in September with a new selection.

Monday, June 13, 2011

International Celtic Studies Postgraduate Seminar, 2012

Philips-University of Marburg will be hosting an International Celtic Studies Postgraduate Seminar on 17-19 August 2012.  The seminar is meant to be an opportunity for younger scholars to get together and share their research.  An official call for papers is forthcoming in August 2011.  Till then, scholars can get more information about the event on the seminar website.

Irish Conference, University of Ottawa, October 2011

The Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute at the University of Ottawa is hosting a conference on the 'Research and Teaching of the Irish Language in North America: The Next 20 Years' on 27-28 October 2011. The two-day conference will include sessions on 'bilingualism, technology and pedagogy, research and writing in Irish in North America, and cooperation: institutions of higher learning and the Irish-speaking community'. For more information on the conference, visit the OLBI website.