Friday, June 17, 2011

CSANA Yearbook 8-9 is now Available

Narrative in Celtic Tradition: Essays in Honor of Edgar M. Slotkin (CSANA Yearbook 8-9) has just been published by Colgate University Press and can be had for the reasonable price of $35.00.  The volume is edited by Joseph F. Eska and includes a wide variety of articles, nineteen in all, in honor of Professor Slotkin, one of the co-founders of CSANA:
  • Dorothy Ann Bray, “The Vita Prima of St. Brigit: A Preliminary Analysis of Its Composition”
  • Timothy Corrigan Correll, “Priests and Pisheogues: Fairy Healers, Religious Condemnation, and Narrative Approbation in Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Ireland”
  • Joanne Findon, “Fabula, Story, and Text: The Case of Compert Conchobuir
  • Hugh Fogarty, “Aislinge Óenguso: A Remscél Reconsidered”
  • Patrick K. Ford, “Later Prose Prefaces to Medieval Welsh Poetry”
  • Helen Fulton, “Magic Naturalism in the Táin bó Cúailnge
  • Elissa R. Henken, “‘Then Was Spoken the Proverb…’: The Proverb Legend in Medieval Celtic Literature”
  • Kaarina Hollo, “Allegoresis and Literary Creativity in Eighth-Century Ireland: The Case of Echtrae Chonnlai"
  • Jerry Hunter, “From Death Token to O. Henry Ending: Traditional Narrative and the Early Fiction of Kate Roberts”
  • Charles MacQuarrie, “Recognizing Gods in Guises: Identity, Performance, and Performative reading in O’Donnell’s Kern
  • Catherine McKenna, “Angels and Demons in the Pages of Lebor na hUidre”
  • Daniel Frederick Melia, “Naked Men, Naked Humor, Naked Narrative?”
  • Joseph Falaky Nagy, “The Wisdom of the Couch Potato”
  • Tomás Ó Cathasaigh, “Aspects of Memory and Identity in Early Ireland”
  • Brynley F. Roberts, “Ystoriaeu Brenhinedd Ynys Brydeyn: A Fourteenth-Century Welsh Brut”
  • Patrick Sims-Williams, “Tochmarc Becfhola: A ‘Peculiar Confused Tale’?”
  • Maria Tymoczko, “Rewritings, Self-Reflexivity, and the Narrative of Celtic Studies”
  • Andrew Welsh, “Myths, Folktales, and Meaning”
  • Dan M. Wiley, “The Politics of Myth in Airne Fíngein

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