Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mac Cana Memorial Lectures 2013

David Dumville of the University of Aberdeen will deliver a series of forty lectures in honor of the late Proinsias Mac Cana under the title "From Late Antiquity to Early Modernity: Towards a New History of Gaelic Literature, A.D. 250-1750."  The first two lectures will be delivered at the Royal Irish Academy on 18 February 2013 from 11:00-12:00 and 2:00-3:00.  The next six will be given at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, starting February 25.  Details on the entire series, which runs through July 29 and is free to the public, can be obtained by emailing the Institute.

LU Conference Podcast

Audio files of nine of the papers that were presented at the Lebor na hUidre Conference last November, including the conference introduction by RIA president Luke Drury, are now available on the Royal Irish Academy Website.  iOS compatible files (i.e. files that were not coded in Flash) are available as well via a separate link.  This is a great move by the Royal Irish Academy, and one that I hope will set a trend for other major conferences going forward.

Scholarship for Students of Scottish Gaelic

An Comunn GĂ idhealach, Ameireaganach is offering a $2000.00 (USD) scholarship to American or Canadian students who are studying Scottish Gaelic at the university level.  Application materials include
  • the student's official transcripts,
  • three letters of recommendation, two of which are to be written in Gaelic,
  • a statement by the student in Gaelic "of how the candidate will contribute to Gaelic culture,"
  • a budget "demonstrating the candidate's ability to cover educational costs above $2000,"
  • and a letter "from the institution in which the candidate is, or will be, enrolled."
These documents are due by 1 March 2013.  For further information, visit An Comunn GĂ idhealach, Ameireaganach website.