Wednesday, September 19, 2012

CSANA 2013 -- Special Sessions

'Call for Papers: Special Sessions in Honour of Ann Dooley and David Klausner

Celtic Studies Association of North America Annual Meeting

April 18-21, 2013

University of Toronto, jointly hosted by the Centre for Medieval Studies, St. Michael's College and Trinity College

In honour of the distinguished and influential careers of Toronto Celticists Ann Dooley and David Klausner, we are inviting abstracts for two special sessions at CSANA 2013.  In consideration of the broad-ranging nature of their work, specific themes have not been assigned for the sessions; however, the intention is that the themes of the papers should intersect in some way with the research of either Ann Dooley or David Klausner.  Papers that connect the honourees’ work – such as Ann Dooley’s translation of the Acallam na SenĂ³rach or David Klausner’s research on drama and performance in medieval Wales – to current trends and developments in the field of Celtic Studies are particularly welcome.  Although it is by no means a requirement, former students of Ann Dooley and David Klausner are especially encouraged to apply. Abstracts that are not selected will be forwarded to the general CSANA Call for Papers.

Please submit a 200-300 word abstract via email by 15 December 2012 to Giselle Gos ... and Kristen Mills'.

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